The Martyr and the Magician

Escape from Veii Mines
The Big Reveal

My noble fellow adventurers, I write to explain where we stand, and more importantly, where we may yet stride.

During the most recent session, our heroes used various subtle tricks to tunnel out of the mines, led the researchers to safety, and then rode their brand-new kick-awesome motorcycles over the heads of countless monsters and away to freedom, performing astounding feats of acrobatics in midair (Li did something regarding which there was little consensus but which was universally regarded as the most impressive trick). Over the next several days, they returned to civilization, trying to find answers to their questions. The six, kneeling at a shrine, managed to contact Ulmo, who explained that the gods did indeed scatter the Terran civilization out of fear that their accomplishments had outpaced their wisdom, that they could destroy themselves entirely. The gods now seek to maintain a balance that will prevent any one civilization from growing too strong for the safety of the world, and for this reason oppose any use of the ancient Terran technology. This conversation cemented the resolve of several of the adventurers who until this time had been ambivalent or wary – the gods were wrong, the Terran magitech could provide untold benefits to society, and mortal creatures need to be free. There are still questions, of course, and the party is by no means unified by a single philosophy.

As it turns out, there is a strong connection between the physical world and the Farthest – the Farthest is the realm of thoughts, and everything that is capable of thoughts has a dual existence, spread between these two realms. The gods themselves exist physically as patterns within the world – vast structures of algae or mineral or vapor that have grown into immensely powerful beings.

Meanwhile, the materia that has been absorbing the emotions of mortal-kind over these millenia is out of balance. In the destruction of the Terran empire, the materia containing positive emotions was disproportionately destroyed, and now within the earth (predominantly beneath Veii) there exist vast substrates of materia containing patterns of hate and warfare, twisting the thoughts of those who walk above the ground, pushing them towards conflict.

The agenda put forth thus far is as follows: the heroes seek to reclaim the Terran castle of Veii and recover its magitech, possibly using it as a base of operations, and may end up at odds with the forces of the divinities. More pressing, however, are the twin issues of Ron’s possible attack on the world and the negative-energy materia that corrupts thought. They plan to use their contacts within the cult of Melkor to gain leads on Ron and Melkor’s possible movements, and additionally return to Veii to set up a reclamation party and delve into the mine’s greater depths to seek out and destroy (or, possibly, alter) the poisonous materia.

Please email back if you have any (in- or out-of-character) suggestions, questions about these plans, alternate plans, idle thoughts, discussion, questions to ask of Ulmo, or whatever you like – or if I’ve missed or misremembered anything. Also, we’ve all reached level 6, so select your feats, powers, and the like so we are ready to go next time we meet!

Most sincerely, - Will

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