Theory of Magick

All the thoughts of sentient beings exist in another plane where they flow like streams or swirl in oceans of consciousness. This plane of cosmic knowledge is like a world of soft stone over which each individual’s consciousness flows as its own river.

After many ages, the cumulative experience of all thinking beings etches familiar patterns into the soft stone. The rivers of individual thought erode the stone and thereby guide future thoughts into the same path. Hence, patterns formed for war, love, hate, trust, nature, stones, family, and so on. There is a pattern for every concept that thinking beings have dwelled upon.

When an individual bends her consciousness into certain patterns, a spell effect is released in the physical world. For example, when a caster bends her thoughts into a certain pattern related to love, she is able to cast a charm spell. Or, when she bends her consciousness into a certain pattern related to fire and anger, she can cast a fireball. It is difficult to hold one’s focus in a specific pattern for any length of time, and when the thoughts of the caster lose their shape, the spell effect fades. Violent spells like fireball are particularly hard to concentrate on and fade immediately after the initial effect. It is knowledge of these special patterns that allows wizards to manipulate magic.

Whether or not some patterns in the plane of cosmic knowledge were first created by the Gods or by mortal beings is unknown. The Terrans invented a way to store cosmic knowledge as artifact, called magitek.

Theory of Magick

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